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Solver Add-ins

How to use Solver in Excel

The solver in Excel is part of an analysis tool known as “What-If analysis”. You can use a solver to ascertain an optimal value in one cell known as the “target cell”.

Basically, a solver is used for a group of cells that are directly or indirectly related. Constraints can also be applied to minimize the value that can be used by Solver. We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Solver to find a solution to a business problem.

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What IF Analysis Data

How to Use What If Analysis in Excel

What-if analysis is the process of finding an input that will result in a specific output. In other words, What-if analysis can be considered as the opposite of formulas. Formulas calculate an output by providing inputs, while What-if analysis helps you find out what input will result in a specific output.

You can use What-if analysis to estimate your monthly savings that meet your retirement goals, find the return on investment, plan your budget and so on.

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