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What is Watch Window in Excel

The Watch Window in Microsoft Excel is a feature that allows you to monitor the values of cells while you work in a different part of the workbook. The Watch Window is particularly useful when you are working with large, complex spreadsheets, and you need to keep an eye on the values of specific cells. With the Watch Window, you can track the values of cells without having to scroll back and forth between different parts of the worksheet.

Here is how to use Watch Window in Excel.

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How to Use Camera Tool in Excel

The Camera tool in Excel allows you to capture a picture of a selected range of cells and paste it into another location as a live image that updates dynamically when the source data changes.

The usage of a camera in Excel can be something beneficial in the long run, depending on how often you find it useful. This is about learning how to use the camera in the Excel.

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Solver Add-ins

How to use Solver in Excel

The solver in Excel is part of an analysis tool known as “What-If analysis”. You can use a solver to ascertain an optimal value in one cell known as the “target cell”.

Basically, a solver is used for a group of cells that are directly or indirectly related. Constraints can also be applied to minimize the value that can be used by Solver. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Solver to find a solution to a business problem.

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What IF Analysis Data

How to Use What If Analysis in Excel

What-if analysis is the process of finding an input that will result in a specific output. In other words, what-if analysis can be considered as the opposite of formulas. Formulas calculate an output by providing inputs, while what-if analysis helps you find out what input will result in a specific output.

You can use What-If analysis to estimate your monthly savings that meet your retirement goals, find the return on investment, plan your budget and so on.

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