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How to Create Input Box in Excel

Have you ever had an Excel worksheet that needed specific input from the user for some calculations? Most applications rely on inputs from users to determine various functions or procedures. Excel has a number of functions that allow you to gather user input for your applications. This article will show you how to use the Excel VBA InputBox function to get user input for your worksheets.

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Solver Add-ins

How to use Solver in Excel

The solver in Excel is part of an analysis tool known as “What-If analysis”. You can use a solver to ascertain an optimal value in one cell known as the “target cell”.

Basically, a solver is used for a group of cells that are directly or indirectly related. Constraints can also be applied to minimize the value that can be used by Solver. We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Solver to find a solution to a business problem.

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household budget months

How to create household budget?

Excel is a very important application for the planning of household budget. A complete plan with Excel can help you see your expenses and incomes at a glance, ensuring that you plan your family’s finances effectively.

With Excel, you can automatically update changes using spreadsheet calculations. Preparing your household budget in this manner can help you do a lot of things such as planning for holiday expenses or preparing for Christmas.

This section shall take you step by step on the best way to prepare household budget in Excel. But before you begin, you need to have a computer with Excel spreadsheet (preferably the latest version) installed.

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KPI dashboard Raw Data

How to Create Kpi Dashboard in Excel

Excel Dashboard reports are becoming increasingly popular these days. They help the reader quickly comprehend raw data by presenting it in virtually rich tables and charts. They are interactive and give a comprehensive insight into business performance indicators, making them easier to change or filter to your preference.

Creating Excel dashboards can now be carried out without worrying yourself about additional software. If you are looking to build a KPI dashboard in Excel, follow these steps below:

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Customize The Ribbon

How to create a toggle button in Excel

In this article, we are going to learn how to insert and use a toggle button in an Excel worksheet. A toggle button is used to indicate a state, such as Yes/No or a mode, such as On/Off. The button alternates between an enabled and disabled state when it is clicked. For example, you can use the toggle button to hide and unhide rows, hide and unhide columns, hide and unhide a chart, switch between design mode and edit mode, or as an alternative to the check box. Either way, you can see that toggle buttons are very useful.

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