How to Find Range in Excel

In Excel, you can easily find the range of a set of numbers or values using the MIN and MAX functions. The range is defined as the difference between the highest (maximum) and lowest (minimum) values in a dataset.

Here’s how you can calculate the range in Excel:

Organize Your Data

Organize your data in Excel, ensuring that the values you want to find the range for are in a column.

Use the MIN and MAX Functions

In an empty cell where you want to display the range, use the following formula:

=MAX(range) – MIN(range)

Replace range with the actual range of values for which you want to calculate the range. You can manually select the range by clicking and dragging over the cells, or you can enter the cell references.

For example, if your values are in cells A1 to A10, you would use:

=MAX(A1:A10) – MIN(A1:A10)

Press the Enter key, and Excel will calculate and display the range in the selected cell.

The result will be the difference between the highest and lowest values in the specified range of cells, representing the range of the dataset.

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