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Percentile Data

How to Calculate Percentile?

If you have written any competitive exams, you might be familiar with the term percentile. Most of today’s competitive entrance exams publish the results of the applicants based on percentiles. You might be familiar with the term percent. But, it is not the same as percentile.

Do not confuse these terms. As we all know, percentage is a number defined as a fraction of 100. So, if a person says that he scored 60% marks in his GMAT exam, then it means that if total score is 100, he scored 60 marks.

Obviously, if the total score is 50, the person has got 30 marks in the exam.

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Root Result

How to Calculate Nth Root in Excel

If you are familiar with Excel, you might have used many different built-in functions to get results easily, quickly and efficiently. You might have come across a number of mathematical functions too including AVERAGE, LCM, QUOTIENT, GCD, PRODUCT, SUM, POWER, SQRT and so on. Have you ever tried calculating the 4th root or 10th root of any number using Excel? Have you disappointed realizing that there is no built-in function in Excel that allows you to calculate the nth root of a number?

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What IF Analysis Data

How to Use What If Analysis in Excel

What-if analysis is the process of finding an input that will result in a specific output. In other words, What-if analysis can be considered as the opposite of formulas. Formulas calculate an output by providing inputs, while What-if analysis helps you find out what input will result in a specific output.

You can use What-if analysis to estimate your monthly savings that meet your retirement goals, find the return on investment, plan your budget and so on.

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Ishikawa Scheme

How to Create Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram in Excel

The Ishikawa diagram, popularly known as the fishbone diagram or the cause and effect diagram, is mainly used in quality management. It is used to analyze inefficiencies of processes. Thanks to the fishbone diagram, we have the opportunity to analyze the problem that is visible in the process.

The Ishikawa Diagram is a tool that will detailly identify the root causes of this problem. In other words, an ishikawa diagram can help identify defects in processes by analyzing the root causes of the problem.

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Trig Functions Table

How to Use Trig Functions in Excel?

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between the elements (sides and angles) of a triangle.

You may recall many trigonometric formulas and equations from your school or college days. Some of them are cot x = 1/tanx , six x/cos x = tan x, sin(900-x) – cos x and so on.

Excel offers a number of built-in functions that deal with trigonometry. You can use these trig functions to solve complex trigonometric expressions.

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Analysis Toolpak addin

How to Do Regression Analysis in Excel

Regression analysis is a powerful statistical tool used to analyze and model the relationships between variables. It allows us to understand how changes in independent variables affect the value of a dependent variable.

We will explore how to perform regression analysis in Microsoft Excel, specifically focusing on linear and multiple regression models.

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