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How to calculate XIRR Annualized Return

The understanding of the usefulness of the XIRR function in Excel has different reasons. There are some that would find it useful for one thing, while it might be useful for other things. It is practically useful for anything that has to do with calculating your returns.

When it comes to investing money, there are actually differences in time value. When depositing and withdrawing money and then receiving dividends, it becomes much more difficult to make the calculation of the annualized returns.

This is because there is certainly a difference between making an investment of $1,000 in January and investing the same amount in December, right before the year ends. This makes the XIRR feature of Microsoft Excel something that simplifies the calculation.

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Bell Curve

In this Article we will learn about the creation of Bell curve in Excel.

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How to Add Average Line to Excel Chart

We are going to learn how to insert average line into a chart.

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What's new in Excel 365?

Excel 365 is a paid version of Excel that's subscription based. It provides numerous services that the past versions lack. It comes within the Office 365 plan.

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How to Make a Bridge Chart in Excel

To demonstrate how to create a bridge chart, we are going to use dummy data. The bridge chart will show the individual components of the profit and loss. Follow the steps below to create a bridge chart:

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