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How to insert a Treemap in Excel?

In Excel 2016, a couple of new charts were added. One of them was the treemap chart. We are today going to introduce you to its features and purpose, and we are going to describe everything it provides.

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How To Activate and Use The Inquire Tab?

In this article, we will learn how to activate and use the Inquire Add-in which is an inbuilt add in for Excel use.

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Modifying a calculated field in a pivot table

In this lesson you will learn how to modify a calculated field in your pivot table. You need this to make proper calculation which you need at the moment.

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How to Create Ishikawa Fishbone Fiagram in Excel

The Ishikawa diagram, popularly known as the fishbone diagram or the cause and effect diagram, is mainly used in quality management. It is used to analyze inefficiencies of processes. Thanks to the fishbone diagram, we have the opportunity to analyze the problem that is visible in the process.

The Ishikawa Diagram is a tool that will detailly identify the root causes of this problem. In other words, an ishikawa diagram can help identify defects in processes by analyzing the root causes of the problem.

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Open and Close Workbook in Excel Vba

In this lesson you can learn how to open and close workbook using VBA code.

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