How to Calculate Quartiles

Quartiles are used to divide a set of data into four equal parts. In this Excel tutorial, you will teach yourself how to calculate quartiles.

Use of the QUARTILE.INC function

To calculate quartiles in Excel just use QUARTILE.INC function. The QUARTILE.INC function in Excel returns the quartile of a set of data.

QUARTILE.INC syntax is:

=QUARTILE.INC(array, quart)


array is your data table

quart is a number of quartile which you want to calculate


Your data table is in A1:A10 range and you want to calculate second quartile.

How to calculate a second quartile?

To calculate second quartile just use this function:

=IFERROR(QUARTILE.INC(A1:A20,2),”No Values”)

IFERROR function in this formula prevents you from #NUM! error. It happens when your data table will be empty.

Examples of calculating quartiles

You can set quart in QUARTILE.INC formula to 0 – 4.

=IFERROR(QUARTILE.INC(A1:A20;0);”No Values”) – shows minimum value

=IFERROR(QUARTILE.INC(A1:A20,1),”No Values”) – calculates first quartile

=IFERROR(QUARTILE.INC(A1:A20,2),”No Values”) – calculates second quartile (which is median)

=IFERROR(QUARTILE.INC(A1:A20,3),”No Values”) – calculates third quartile

=IFERROR(QUARTILE.INC(A1:A20,4),”No Values”) – shows maximum value

excel calculate quartile

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