Chart with combo box

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to insert chart with combo box.

Adding a combo box for a chart

Prepare a table of data.

data table

Copy and paste a list of arguments (countries in my example) to another column. You will need it soon.

list of arguments

Go to the ribbon to the Developer tab. Insert a combo box using VBA controls.

ribbon insert combo box

Right-click your combo box and select Format Control.

format control

Set Properties of your combobox. Input range are your values from the list you created at the beginning. Set also a Cell link wherever you want.

Format Control Properties

Cell link is here. There will be a velue you will need for your chart.

Value cell link

Combo box works since here. You can try it out. In the cell link there will be a value 1 – 4. It depends on country you will choose.

Copy first column of your table and paste it below.

column pasted below

In B column header (B16 in my example) write this formula: =INDEX(list_of_countries, cell_link). In my example it is =INDEX(P3:P6;B14)

In B17 write another formula down. It is =VLOOKUP(product_name, data_table, cell_link + 1, FALSE). Here it is =VLOOKUP(A17;$A$3:$E$12;$B$14+1;FALSE)

Next drag and drop this formula down. This way you created a new table with same data such in table.

data table below

Creating a combo box chart

Almost everything is done. Next, you will create a chart.

Highlight your table with sales data but only A and B column.

highlight two columns

Go to the ribbon and create a column chart. This is how it looks like.

Chart with combo box ready

Your combo box works. Go there and change a value from drop-down list. Your chart will change like mine here.

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Chart with combo box works

Finally, your chart with a combo box is ready.