Chart with average line

In Microsoft Excel, you can add an average line to a chart to show the average value for the data in your chart. In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to create a chart with an average line.

First, prepare some data tables.

data table average line

Preparing an average line for a graph

First, calculate the average by selecting a cell outside your data range (e.g., beside your data table). Use the Excel AVERAGE function for calculations. Enter =AVERAGE(B2:B24) in the formula bar and press Enter. This cell will now display the average of the data in the range B2 to B24.

Average column

In my example formula is =AVERAGE([Sales]) or =AVERAGE($B$2:$B$24). On, you can learn more about Define Name.

Select all the data, and create the chart by clicking on insert tab. I recommend Column Chart or Line Chart.

Column chart with Average Line

Right-click on the average column. From the list, choose the Change Series Chart Type option.

Change Series Chart Type

Inserting average chart

Choose a Line Chart.

Line Chart

Adding an average line in chart

The average line chart is ready.

Chart with Average Line

This is it. Average line on the chart could be useful to compare data with an average value. You can choose another type of line, and write the title of chart.

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