How to Change Markers on Excel Graph

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn one easy trick. You will learn how to change the color of the markers on your chart. You may need this to customize your chart.

Preparing to change data points

In Microsoft Excel, markers are symbols used to identify individual data points on a graph. To change the markers on a graph in Excel, follow these steps:

Consider the data set with a chart window.

example chart

Right-click on the marker to bring up a dropdown menu. Then select the Format Data Series option.

format markers

A window will appear like this below.

format data series

Changing markers color

From the left side, select Marker Fill and then Solid Fill from the color palette. Select the new color of the marker.

solid fill markers

You can choose from a variety of marker shapes, such as squares, diamonds, or circles.

If desired, you can format the markers by right-clicking on the markers and choosing “Format Data Point” from the context menu. In the “Format Data Point” dialog box, you can adjust the size, color, and border of the markers.

Now here you go with the new color of your marker.

markers changed color

Using Formulas

You can use Excel formulas to determine the color of each marker based on the underlying data.

For example, you can set up a formula that evaluates whether a data point meets certain criteria and assigns a color accordingly. This approach provides dynamic coloring that updates as your data changes.

=IF(A2>10, “Green”, IF(A2>5, “Yellow”, “Red”))

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This formula checks the value in cell A2 and assigns marker colors (Green, Yellow, or Red) based on the value.