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vlookup zip codes table

How to VLOOKUP Zip Codes?

Whether for a school project or a work assignment, chances are you’re going to need to use VLOOKUP at least once in your life. Let’s say you have a long list of names, contact information, and addresses, including zip codes.

You need to pull the zip codes for a targeted subset of contacts on the list, but looking up each contact individually is time consuming. Fortunately, VLOOKUP can help you quickly pull zip codes for any sized list of contacts. Let’s take a look how to VLOOKUP zip codes.

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vlookup another column lookup columns

How to VLOOKUP Another Column?

Working with large sets of data can often be intimidating. There may be times when you need to identify one column of data compared to another, either to quickly identify which values are missing, or to pull out specific cells. So how do you do that without manually reviewing each cell? The answer – Vlookup.

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