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KPI dashboard Raw Data

How to Create Kpi Dashboard in Excel

Excel Dashboard reports are becoming increasingly popular these days. They help the reader quickly comprehend raw data by presenting it in virtually rich tables and charts. They are interactive and give a comprehensive insight into business performance indicators, making them easier to change or filter to your preference.

Creating Excel dashboards can now be carried out without worrying yourself about additional software. If you are looking to build a KPI dashboard in Excel, follow these steps below:

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Monitor Stock Prices from web

How to Get Stock Quotes in Excel

If you are an investor who invests in stock, then you might be knowing how important is monitoring the stock prices. You might have to make wise and quick decisions based on the stock prices. There are a number of financial websites like Yahoo Finance, Forbes etc that you can view to monitor stock prices.

The happy news is that you can even use Microsoft Excel to monitor the performance of your investments. You can set up your Excel in such a way that all the details you need for the stocks of your interest can be viewed and updated easily and quickly.

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Trig Functions Table

How to Use Trig Functions in Excel?

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between the elements (sides and angles) of a triangle.

You may recall many trigonometric formulas and equations from your school or college days. Some of them are cot x = 1/tanx , six x/cos x = tan x, sin(900-x) – cos x and so on.

Excel offers a number of built-in functions that deal with trigonometry. You can use these trig functions to solve complex trigonometric expressions.

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Analysis Toolpak addin

How to Do Regression Analysis in Excel

Regression analysis is a powerful statistical tool used to analyze and model the relationships between variables. It allows us to understand how changes in independent variables affect the value of a dependent variable.

We will explore how to perform regression analysis in Microsoft Excel, specifically focusing on linear and multiple regression models.

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