In this Article we will try to learn all the possible ways to use the COUNTIFS functions. Let us start with simple COUNTIFS function:

Lets us use simple data and use the formula: =COUNTIFS(A1:A6,"4")


The result is 1 as it found simple instance of 4.

COUNTIFS formula result

But if we have more than one conditions in more than one ranges we will have to use the COUNTIFS instead of the simple countif excel function.

Let have the following data. Lets find someone from team1 with 4 marks: =COUNTIFS(A2:A7,A4,B2:B7,B2)

COUNTIFS formula

Lets see if we have more conditions. I'm adding more data.

COUNTIFS formula school 2nd

Let us see the result of the following formula: =COUNTIFS(A2:A7,A4,B2:B7,B2,C2:C7,"SchoolB",D2:D7, "2nd")

COUNTIFS formula school 2nd result

Please find below the result: 1 (row 4)

COUNTIFS results

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