How to Use OR Function in Excel

The OR function in Microsoft Excel is a powerful logical tool that outputs either "true" or "false." It evaluates one or more mathematical expressions located in other cells in the same spreadsheet.

OR Function Parameters

The OR function can take up to 200+ logical parameters, making it a versatile tool for evaluating multiple conditions.

In various business scenarios, the OR function can be useful for making quick decisions. For instance, it can be used to determine if a sales goal has been met, to verify customer information, or to confirm details in a process. It can also be combined with the IF and AVERAGE functions to meet specific targets.

Examples of using the OR function in Excel

Example 1: Simple Question

In this example, we'll use the OR function to ask a simple question. We want to know if what we have earned is the same as money income. We try to verify that the same amount of sales made by the team is exactly the same amount of income. The OR function is an excellent function for this purpose as it allows you to ask a question and get an answer to it.

excel or function simple Question

Example 2: Have we earned a certain amount of money?

In this example, we have different business settings and would like to know how the business is going. On Tuesday, we set ourselves a business goal. The goal we have set ourselves is that we want to earn a certain amount on that day and it should not be lower than this amount. But we don't know if we've succeeded.

This is one of the places where Excel's OR function will be extremely useful as it allows you to detect if the goal has been achieved.

Excel or function Specific Amount of Money

Example 3: Company results with the OR function

In this example, the company has been around for a long time. But we are trying to see how the business is developing in the various tasks we carry out so far. This is another place where the OR function can be a handy function to do this. We would like to have a small photo from the show with "phone".

We want to know what tasks the "phone" performed and whether they brought more benefits than the least favorable task, which in this case is a demonstration.

Companys Performance with OR Function

Example 4: Is this question true?

This example will answer a specific question. In business, we put the first and last name and e-mail address of clients. However, one customer called to see if we had the correct address.

In order to successfully validate it with our simple database, we decided that the best way to do this is to use Microsoft Excel as it makes it easier to determine if it's true or not.

Excel or function Is this Question True

Example 5: Proof of address and price

The situation is that we have various things that we would like to verify. The customer placed the order, various departments of the company were active, which led to misunderstandings in the current process. But suddenly the shipping department called the sales department back to confirm the data entered into the company.

At this point, the OR function would be an excellent function for successfully confirming that the details are correct.

Excel or function Confirmation of Address and Price

Example 6: Using If and Or function in Excel

The situation in this example is such that it is very difficult to tell if what we have done is enough, or even if we have set ourselves a goal that we have set ourselves. We have different weeks and now we want to know if we can easily and effectively meet the goals in our financial sheet.

This is something where the if and or functions in Microsoft Excel can easily help us, so we decided to use two useful functions to know about it.

Using If and Or Function in Excel

Example 7: Using IF, AND & OR functions simultaneously

We would have a problem that would require us to find a creative solution for the business. There were various situations that required verification from us.

We want to verify that the price and other information was verifiable based on the information collected. We will now use three different functions to find the information we want to know.

Using IF AND OR Function Simultaneously

Example 8: Or & Average to verify a goal

In this example, we have set a goal that we would like the company to accomplish within a period of time, and we would like to have the answer that will make it possible to know if the answer has been verified.

The goal we have set is that we want to sell 800 products in average within a specific period of time. This is where the OR and AVERAGE function would be extremely useful for target verification.

Or Average to Verify a Goal

Example 9: Asking a question

We don't know if it's true or not. We would like to know if the OR function will tell you if it is true or false that we have made a certain amount of money. We will use the OR function to deal with the given situation.

Excel or function Asking a Question

Example 10: Budget evaluation with IF and OR functions

In this example, we are doing R&D for our company and we need to know how the project manager manages the development budget. We will now see if the project required more than the allocated budget.

Assessing Budget with IF and OR Functions