How to create Sparklines in excel

In this lesson, you will learn how to use Sparklines.

Sparklines are miniature charts that are useful in identifying trends. They are created inside the cell. They can display only one data series.

Sparklines are designed to provide a quick and easy way to see trends and patterns in data, without the need for a full-sized chart. They are often used in dashboards, reports, or spreadsheets to provide an overview of data and highlight key trends and patterns.

Creating Sparklines

To create a sparkline, click anywhere in the data area. Then go to the "Insert" -> "Sparklines" and choose the type.

Ribbon Sparklines

Appears "Creating Sparklines" window.

Create Sparklines Window

First, click inside the textbox "Data Range" and then select the cells. Below is a textbox "Location Range" It is used to identify cells in offering direct you insert your miniature graph. Use AutoComplete for the rest of the cells. You can also select multiple rows and for each of them to create one miniature graph.

Types of Sparklines

There are line chart, column chart and win / loss, which shows the positive and negative values in a series of data. To change the chart type, click on the cell that contains the graph. When you do that will see a new tab "Design". Click on it and then on the "Type" change the chart type to one of the available options.

Line Spaklines

This type of sparkline shows trends in data over time, and is often used to represent continuous data. Line sparklines display a series of data points as a simple line, with the height of the line representing the data value. Line sparklines are best used to display data sets with a small number of data points.

Line Sparklines

Column Spaklines

Column sparklines are similar to bar charts, and are used to represent categorical data. Column sparklines display a series of columns, with the height of each column representing the data value. Column sparklines are best used to display data sets with a small number of categories.

Column Sparklines

Win / Loss Spaklines

Win/Loss sparklines are used to represent data sets that have only two values, such as win/loss results or binary data. Win/Loss sparklines display a series of small dots, with positive values represented as a dot above the line and negative values represented as a dot below the line.

Win Loss Sparklines

Highlighting Specific Points

When you insert a miniature charts, you may want to highlight certain data, such as negative and positive. When you create a miniature charts have such an opportunity. These options are available in the "Design" in the "Show".

Sparkline Show

You can also change colours of chart. Go to Ribbon -> Design -> Marker Color

Spaklines Marker Color

Removing Sparklines

You can not delete sparklines by selecting them and pressing the Delete key. You must select the cells, right-click and then select "Sparklines" -> "Remove marked sparklines."

Clear Selected Sparklines

You can also do it with Ribbon. Go to Ribbon ->[click sparklines] -> Design -> Group -> Clear

Ribbon Clear Selected Sparklines

It's important to note that while sparklines can be effective for visualizing data, 

they are not intended to replace full-sized charts or graphs. Sparklines are best used as a supplement to other forms of data visualization, as they provide a quick, at-a-glance view of the data.

When using sparklines, it's important to consider the size of the data set and the number of data points you want to display. If the data set is large or if you want to display multiple data points, a full-sized chart or graph may be a better choice.

Additionally, it's important to consider the purpose of the sparkline. Sparklines are designed to highlight trends and patterns in data, so it's important to choose the right type of sparkline for the data you are trying to represent. For example, line sparklines are best used to display continuous data, while column sparklines are best used to display categorical data.

Free example spreadsheet here