Import Data from Access to Excel

We are going to import a data from the Microsoft Access together.

Microsoft Access is one of the applications of the Office suite, as is Excel. Access is an application that is responsible for maintaining databases.

You can import a database from Access and access it with Excel.

From a technical point of view, data import from Access is about creating a connection to the database. You will be able to refresh this connection at any time. Thanks to this, you will have access to the latest version of the data.

The ribbon

To import data from Access go to the Ribbon. From the menu press Data tab.

Import Data from Access data

Data importing

From the Get External Data select From Access

Import Data from Access click from access

In the "Select Data Source" dialog box, select the Access database file you want to import data from and click the "Open" button.

In the "Import Data" dialog box, select either "Table" or "Query" and choose the data you want to import. Click the "Properties" button to set any additional options for the import, such as the format of the imported data. Click the "OK" button to import the data into Excel. The imported data will be inserted into a new worksheet in the current workbook.

If you want to refresh the imported data, you can go to the Data tab, select "Refresh All" in the Connections section, and click the "Refresh" button.

Note: The steps outlined above describe the process of importing data from an Access database into an Excel worksheet. There are additional options and methods available for importing data into Excel, including using the "From Text/CSV" or "From Web" options in the Get External Data section, as well as using VBA macro code to automate the import process.

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