How to calculate p value in Excel

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to calculate p value in Excel.

What is a P-Value?

A p-value is a statistical measure that quantifies the probability of obtaining a result as extreme as, or even more extreme than, the one observed in your study if the null hypothesis were true. In essence, it tells you how likely it is that the observed results are due to random chance.

How to calculate p value in Excel?

Have two sets of data ready, such as hours studied (independent variable, X) and exam scores (dependent variable, Y).

Click Data Analysis button and choose Regression.

Excel p value Data Analysis Regression

Put input values. In my example, Y Range is for exam scores and X Range are hours studied.

As and Output Range choose where would you like to put results of Regression analysis in your sheet.

Excel p value Data Analysis Regression input values

Here there are results of regression analysis.

Excel P Value summary output

P value of exam score is exactly 0.012304189. It suggests that there’s a statistically significant relationship between hours studied and exam scores at the conventional significance level.

You got also other values like Standard Error and Anova test.

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