How to import xlam?

An .xlam file is an Excel add-in file that contains macros, functions, and other custom code. In this article I will guide you how to import an Add In (xlam) file to Excel.

What is an Excel Add in?

It allows you to extend Excel functionality across other platforms including Windows, Mac, iPad, and in a browser. Use Excel add-ins within a workbook to. Interact with Excel objects, read and write Excel data.

We can create the excel Add in from an Excel file itself which has some special functions which you feel are useful to other Excel files.

When we create an Add in it is created in .xlam format. Many Excel add in’s are downloaded from web with special functions to be used locally in you Excel files.

How to import an Add in?

I will guide you how to use or import an existing Add in to Excel file.

1. Open the excel file in which you want the Add in to be used:

import xlam New Spreadsheet

2. Click FILE at the top left from Excel file:

import xlam File Tab

3. Click Options at the bottom:

import xlam click Options

4. Click Add-ins:

import xlam click Add-ins

5. Select the Add-in from the list that you want to use:

import xlam select Add-in

In this example Analysis ToolPak is seleted.

6. Click Go.

import xlam Analysis Toolpak go

7. Check same Add-in and click Ok:

import xlam Analysis Toolpak Add in

With this the selected Add-in is ready to use. All the macros, functions present in this add-in can now be used in the opened Excel file.

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import xlam XLAM imported

It’s important to only install and use add-ins from trusted sources, as add-ins can contain malicious code that can harm your computer or steal sensitive information. Always carefully review the source and code of an add-in before installing it.

This was an easy trick on how to add xlam to Excel. I hope you find my Best Excel Tutorial useful.