How to Zoom in on Excel Graph

In this lesson you learn how to zoom in your graph. It will help you improving visibility of values in your graph.

The most important in charting is visibility. In this lesson, you will learn how to zoom in your graph.

Zooming Sheet

The easiest way is to zoom in the Sheet. To do it go to right corner of screen and click + button

Zooming Sheet

It makes whole Sheet bigger. Chart will be bigger too.

Changing scale of axis

Other method is to change scale of axis. Excel automatcally fits scale of axis.

If your chart looks that:

Zooming Graph Wrong Scale

You can change it to that look:

Zooming Graph Good Scale

You can easy improve wrong scale yourselves. Right click axis and select Format Axis.

Zooming Graph Format Axis

Change Min and Max values to fit them to your values.

Zooming Graph Min Max Values

Notice that scale of proper axis starts from $40,25. You don’t need to starts from $0.

Using logarithmic scale

The other way is using logarithmic scale. Use logarithmic scale when there is huge difference between values at your graph.

Zooming Graph Logarithmic Scale

Right click axis and next Format Axis. Tick Logarithmic scale check box.

Zooming Graph Logarithmic Scale Checkbox

Now graph looks much better. Every 3 lines are visible well.

Zooming Graph Logarithmic Axis OK

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