How to calculate ratio?

In mathematics, a ratio is a comparison of two numbers. It is expressed as a colon (:) between the two numbers. For example, if there are 2 red balls and 3 blue balls on a table, the ratio of red balls to blue balls is 2:3.

How to calculate ratio in Excel

There are three ways to calculate ratio in Excel:

Using the ROUND function

Excel ratio

The ROUND function in Excel is used to trim down (reduce) a given value to a specific number of decimal places.

= ROUND (Number, Num_digits )

The ROUND function will round up or down depending on whether the last digit is greater than or less than 5.

Using the GCD function

There is also a method using the GCD function. GCD stands for Greatest Common Divisor.

Finding the Greatest Common Divisor is the basis of the formula. To calculate the ratio, you just need to divide two numbers by their GCDs.

The formula I used in the example is:

 =A3/GCD(A3,B3)&” : “&B3/GCD(A3,B3)

excel ratio gcd

Calculating the ratio using the GCD function is the most convenient method.

Using text functions

There is also a way to calculate ratio in Excel using text functions. However, this method is not as commonly used as the other two methods.

The formula I used: =SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(A3/B3,”#####/#####”),”/”,”:”)

ratio substitute text

The best method to use for calculating ratio in Excel depends on your specific needs. If you need to calculate a ratio that needs to be displayed in a specific format, you can use the ROUND function. If you need to calculate a ratio in a more precise way, you can use the GCD function. If you need to calculate a ratio using text functions, you can use the SUBSTITUTE function.