How to remove green triangles from cells

The green triangles that appear in Microsoft Excel cells indicate potential errors or issues with the data in the cells. In this lesson, you will learn how to turn off green triangles, which sometimes show up in the left corner of a cell.

About green triangles

There is the possibility of an error in a cell. There are several reasons why these green triangles may appear, including invalid data types, inconsistent formulas, or data validation errors. You can determine the cause of the green triangles. You can do this by clicking on a cell with a green triangle, and then clicking on the “Error Alert” button in the “Formulas” tab. This will give you more information about what is causing the error.

How to prevent green triangles?

Here are the steps to prevent the green triangles in Microsoft Excel:

  • Correct the data: If the green triangles are indicating an invalid data type, you can change the data type to a valid one. If they are indicating a formula error, you can correct the formula. If they are indicating a data validation error, you can correct the data to match the validation rules.
  • Clear errors: If you have already corrected the errors, you can clear the green triangles by selecting the cells with the green triangles, and then clicking on the “Clear Validation” button in the “Data” tab.
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How to remove green triangles?

But what if they show and you are sure that everything is OK? You should remove these green triangles.

This is a sample report. It isn’t professional because of these triangles.

Excel Green Triangles

To remove green triangles from your spreadsheet, go to Ribbon. Click File > Options.

Ribbon File Options

Next, select Formulas in the left sidebar.

Excel Options Formulas

To turn green triangles off, untick the checkbox Enable background error checking.

Excel Error Checking

Green triangles disappeared from your report.

Excel Green Triangles Removed

TIP: How to disable checking rules in Excel

You don’t have to disable Error checking at all. You can also disable some checking rules, e.g., Formulas referring to empty cells.

Excel Error Checking Rules

It is important to note that disabling error checking can make it more difficult to find and fix errors in your formulas. If you are not sure whether you should disable error checking, it is best to leave it enabled.

Removing Green Triangles from Cells Using VBA

In addition to the methods described in the previous chapter, you can also remove green triangles from cells using VBA. This can be useful if you need to remove green triangles from a large number of cells or if you need to remove green triangles based on specific criteria.

To remove green triangles from cells using VBA, you can use the following code:

Sub RemoveGreenTriangles()
' Select all cells with green triangles.
Dim cells With GreenTriangles As Range
Set cellsWithGreenTriangles = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(ActiveSheet.Name).

' Clear the error indicators for the selected cells.
For Each cell In cellsWithGreenTriangles
cell.Formula = ""
Next cell
End Sub

This code will select all cells in the active worksheet that have green triangles and then clear the error indicators for those cells.

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To use this code, simply copy and paste it into a new VBA module. Then, to run the code, press F5 or click the Run button.