Yes No Chart with Non-numeric Data

Sometimes you need to create a chart without numeric data. You just need a simple yes-no chart in Excel.

Yes no data preparation

Enter your non-numerical data into an Excel sheet and select it.

chart without numbers data table

Inserting a non-numeric chart

Pivot yes no chart

Go to Insert and click the Pivot Chart button.

ribbon pivot chart

A new window pops out.

pivot chart fields

Now drag the respondents into values and drag the response into legend.

drag pivot chart fields

Thus, you will get the chart on your sheet.

chart with non-numeric data

Yes no sales report chart

This is the example when you need to prepare data based on a given condition. From the whole sales report, you need to focus on sales above $10,000.

I’ve added an additional column for that purpose to get YES or NO values.

I used if formula: =IF(C4>10000,”YES”,”NO”)

Pivot Table yes no sales report

I have created a pivot chart.

Pivot Chart yes no sales chart

Axis (Categories) is days.

Values is the count of yes/no data that I calculated just now.

Thanks to yes no data, I was able to prepare such a sales report pivot chart.

Aggregated yes no chart

Yes no data also allows us to aggregate.

In this case, we have a sales report with 3 customer groups:

  • private
  • commercial
  • vip

Private clients are not preferential to you.

You want to create a pivot chart with sales values. You are only interested in preferential customers.

Create an additional column and, thanks to the if function, aggregate commercial and vip clients: =IF(D4=”Private”,”NO”,”YES”)

Pivot Table preferential clients

Thanks to the preferential column, you are able to create a chart showing how often your key customers make transactions.

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Pivot Chart yes no number of transactions

Stacked non-numeric chart

Let’s use such an example to examine how to create a stacked chart based on a non-numeric set of data.

non numeric data set

To be able to create a stacked bar chart based on such data you need to calculate the data.

In the YES% and NO% rows, I will prepare numeric values for yes and no answers.

The countif formula will let me do that: =COUNTIF(B$3:B$7,”YES”)/COUNTA(B$3:B$7)

numeric data calculated from non-numeric set

As you can see in rows 8 and 9, I calculated data. It is possible to count data in Excel. From non-numeric sets of data I prepared a numeric data set. Now it is obvious to prepare a stacked bar chart.

Example of non-numeric chart

That’s how you can insert your chart with non-numeric data. You may need it, for example, for illustrative surveys. That’s exactly why it’s also named the “yes or no chart”.