Chart with Hours

In this Excel charting tutorial lesson, you will learn how to create an Excel chart with hours in the best way possible.

Preparing data for chart with time

Start with the creation data for the hour by hour chart, which will have data flowing with hours:

chart hours data table

Creating a chart with hours

Now, let’s start creating a xy scatter graph:

scatter chart with smooth lines and markers

This is what the graph with time duration will look like:

chart with hours

Make sure the Axis Type is set to Time Axis. When you are creating a line chart, column graph or bar chart, Excel will automatically treat date data as a “Date axis”. This means that each data point will be plotted on the x-axis based on linear time, rather than an equal distance from each other.

chart with hours example

You can also format the chart by changing the font size, adding gridlines, labels, title, adjusting the color scheme and other formatting options.

The chart with hours is ready.

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