How to add target line to Excel chart

In this Excel charting tutorial lesson, I will show you how to add a target line in an Excel chart.

First, we will create a simple chart showing the daily sales of a company, and then we will create a simple bar graph for the same.

Data creation

This is the daily sales data for a company. As shown in the Excel file:

Daily Sales

Chart creation

Creating a simple bar chart from the Actual sale data:

Insert column chart

Clicking on the 2D clustered column chart:

Clustered column chart

Now Adding target sales data for the target line creation. Right-click the chart Area and click select Data:

Select Data

Click Add for the legend entries:

Legend entries

After clicking Add, select the series name by clicking on the cell with the name target sale and select series values from the column with target sales data:

Edit Series

And clicking ok:

Select Data Source

Now the target sales are added as columns, but we can change the same to a target line by right clicking the target series and changing the chart type:

Change Series Chart Type

Change option for Target sale to Line:

Line Target Sale

Click Ok:

Target Sale

You can add legends if not shown.

This is how to add a target line in an Excel graph trick in just a few steps.

Please find attached the Excel file or chart with the target line.