How to Edit Multiple Excel Sheets at Once

In this lesson you can learn how to edit many worksheets at the same time.

Select All Sheets

Excel allows you to do that.

You want to create the same table for all sheets. Right-click on any tab and select the worksheet Select All Sheets.

Select All Sheets

This will select all sheets.

When you are making changes to any sheet, these changes will also be present at all the selected sheets.

Ungroup Sheets

To ungroup sheets, and then work on one, right-click at any tab and select Ungroup Sheets.

Ungroup Sheets

Use formulas

If you need to apply the same formula to multiple sheets, you can use a 3-D reference. This allows you to reference the same cell or range in multiple sheets, and any changes made to the cell or range will be reflected in all sheets.

VBA macro

If you need to perform more complex operations, you can write a VBA macro to perform the operation on multiple sheets. This can be especially useful if you need to perform repetitive tasks.

These easy tricks will help you to edit multiple sheets at the same time in Excel.