Difference chart

In this Excel tutorial, you can learn how to insert Difference chart into your spreadsheet. A diff chart like this can be useful when you're trying to check the difference in Excel on how your data changes over time (e.g. month, quarter).

Preparation of differential data for a graph

1. Enter your data in the Excel sheet. Make a column for the lower range. Then leave one column and make a column for the upper range.

data table

2. In the column that had been left blank, enter the heading difference. And use the following method to calculate the values of that column (High – low column).

calculate difference

3. Once the value of the first cell of the difference column is calculated, drag it down till week 5. You will get:

difference calculated


Inserting a difference chart

4. Select the first three columns. Then, Click insert> insert bar chart> Stacked bar chart.

5. Now, right click on the blue part of the chart and click format data series. A box will appear on the screen.

6. Click on the fill and line (marked with blue) in the following screenshot:

click series options

7. Then, click on no fill.

diff chart no fill

8. You will get a chart which will look like this:

first example chart inserted

Delete the legend. (Selected in the image)

9. Adjust the scale by right clicking on the horizontal axis then go to the format axis. Adjust the scale under the axis options.

10. The final result would be like this:

Difference chart ready

This is how to show difference in Excel chart.