Probability Chart

You will learn how to do mathematical calculation, and insert a probability chart.

But first, you need a data that looks like this:


Click on home tab.

ribbon home

Click on a value in the data, and Sort & filter to choose Sort from smallest to largest.

sort smallest to largest

Start another column, with one in between, and label it i.

label iteration list

Start another column, and label it formula.

formula column

Click on D2 (1), and type =(C2-0,375)/(6+0,25)(2), and enter

type formula

Double click on the small square

double click

Label Column B Expected.

last column expected

Click on B2 (1), and type =NORM.S.INV(D2) (2)

norm.s.inv function

Double click on the small square showing in the result from previous step.

double click formula

Highlight A2-B8 (1), click on insert (2), scatter chart (3), and choose desired chart (4).

insert chart

The Probability Chart is ready:

Probability chart example

In conclusion, in the picture above, you see #NUM! This means the formula in D8 is above 1, and therefore not possible to be part of the probability.

You can download free Probability chart template here