Yards to meters and meters to yards converter

In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert yards to meters and meters to yards using the Microsoft Excel application.

Convert using simple multiplication or division

0.9144 is the key number here. To convert yards to meters, you need to just multiply by 0.9144. Similarly, to convert meters to yards, you need to divide by 0.9144.

Conversion using CONVERT Excel function

The CONVERT function automatically converts the value based on the specified input and output units, which eliminates the need for a separate conversion factor or formula. This method is more efficient and less prone to errors, as the conversion is handled by the built-in function in Excel.


Convert using VBA code

This VBA code will ask you how many yards you want to convert to meters:

Function ConvertYardsToMeters(yards As Double) As Double
ConvertYardsToMeters = yards * 0.9144
End Function
Sub ConvertYardsToMetersMain()
Dim yards As Double
Dim meters As Double
yards = InputBox("Enter the number of yards to convert to meters:")
If IsNumeric(yards) Then
meters = ConvertYardsToMeters(yards)
MsgBox yards & " yards is equal to " & meters & " meters",
vbInformation, "Yards to Meters Conversion"
MsgBox "Invalid input! Please enter a valid number.",
vbExclamation, "Error"
End If
End Sub

The custom functions in the Visual Basic module handle the conversion by applying the appropriate formula, which makes the conversion process easier and more efficient. This method also allows you to modify the conversion formulas if needed, by simply editing the code in the module.

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Convert meters to yards and feet.

1 meter is equal to 1.0936 yards, so it is easy to calculate. One yard is 3 feet, making it more difficult to calculate. Luckily, there is an Excel formula which converts meters to yards and feet.

=TRUNC(A1*1.0936)&” yd “&ROUND(MOD(A1*1.0936*3,3),0)&” ft”

It will convert 10 meters to 10 yd 11 ft.