How to Get Values from Graph in Excel

We are going to learn how to read values from graphs. There are two ways to do this: using the Manipulate Points On Chart add-in or adding data labels to the graph.

Using the Manipulate Points On Chart add-in

example chart

The Manipulate Points On Chart add-in allows you to get the value of any data point on a graph. First you need to download the MPOC add-in.

You need to add download and add it to Excel. Click on File, Click on Option, then click on Add-in. Select Manipulate_Points_on_Chart.

Clink the “go” button to manage Excel Add-Ins.


Check the “Excel Add-in for Manipulating Points on Charts” Add-In and click OK.

Note: The add-in is now enabled and available every time you boot Excel.


A Manipulate Points button will now appear whenever a chart object is selected under the Chart Tools -> Layout Tab of the Ribbon.

You simply have to click on the ADD-In tab and select the Manipulate Button.

ribbon manipulate points

Reading off a graph

Click on the chart, click on the ADD-in tab, and select Manipulate Points.

click chart

You can just select the series by clicking on the dropdown menu.

drop down menu

Choose a point. The value of this point will be automatically shown in the Value Textbox. (Or just click on the point within the series on your chart).

choose point

Use the Spin Button, Textbox, and Sliders to change the values of the chart.

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change values

The new value will be written on the worksheet cell that corresponds to this point on the chart. The chart will be updated to show this new value instantly.

Adding data labels to the graph

Another way to get the values from a graph is to add data labels to the graph. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the graph to select it.
  2. Right-click on one of the data points and select Add Data Labels.
  3. In the Format Data Labels pane, select the Value option under Label Options.
  4. Click Close to exit the pane.
  5. Once you have added data labels to the graph, the values of the data points will be displayed next to the data points.

Using formulas

Finally, you can also use formulas to get values from a graph. For example, you could use the OFFSET function to get the value of a specific data point in a chart, or you could use the VLOOKUP function to look up the value of a data point in a table.

Which method should you use?

The best method to use for getting values from a graph depends on your specific needs.

  • If you need to get the value of a specific data point, then the Manipulate Points On Chart add-in is the best option.
  • If you need to get the values of all of the data points on a graph, then adding data labels to the graph is the best option.