How to create a quarterly chart in Excel?

In this Excel tutorial article, I show you how to create quarterly charts in Excel.

Quarterly sales data preparation

To enter your data into Excel, click on cell to select it. Type in the first label for your data (for example, “Quarter”). Press the tab key and enter the next label (for example, “Sales”). Repeat this process until you have entered all of your labels into the top row of the spreadsheet.

Based on entered data create quarterly sales data chart for a company have centers in 4 continents.

Quarterly Sales by Continent

We have to arrange the data similarly to make it look easy to understand and to plot such reporting graph easily.

Creating quarterly chart

Next step is to create a simple sales quarterly graph from the same. Select the Insert column chart option as shown below:

Insert Column Chart

Then select the stacked column option as shown below:

Stacked Column

Next, we can change the look of the chart by switching the rows and columns to group by quarter to make it look better:

Switch Row Column

Clicking ok will make the graph look like this:

Quarterly Chart Basic

We can make more customizations like adding data labels, as shown below.

Quarterly Chart Adding Data Labels

We can change the chart title to the quarterly sales by continent, etc. as shown below:

Quarterly Chart Template

I am attaching the Excel sheet with Quarterly Chart template for you.

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