How to Make Wireframe Contour Chart

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn about the creation of a wireframe contour chart.

How to insert Wireframe Contour Chart

The first step in creating a wireframe contour chart is to prepare your data. Make sure that you have a set of x and y values, along with the corresponding z values that represent the height of the surface. You can create a set of test data or use real data from your own research or experiment.

Next, we create a 3D surface graph as follows:

3D surface chart

The graph will look like this:

Example wireframe contour chart

Once your wireframe contour chart is created, you can customize it to suit your needs. You can change the color palette, adjust the axis labels and scales, and add a title and legend. You can also adjust the viewpoint and lighting to get the best representation of your data.

Finally, you can add labels and annotations to your wireframe contour chart to help interpret the data. You can add a label to each data point, or add a text box or callout to highlight important features of the chart.

When you’re finished, you can save your wireframe contour chart and export it as a graphic file, such as a PNG or JPEG, to share with others. You can also copy and paste it into a report or presentation, or include it in a web page or blog post.

What is Contour Chart

3-D Surface chart shows a 3D view of the data, which can be imagined as a rubber sheet stretched over a 3D Column chart.

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It is typically used to show relationships between large amounts of data that may otherwise be difficult to see.

Color bands in a Surface chart:

  • Do not represent the data series
  • Indicate the difference between the values

A Wireframe 3-D Surface chart is a 3D Surface chart shown without color on the surface. This chart shows only the lines. Such a contour plot is not easy to read, but it can plot large data sets much faster than a 3D Surface chart.

Now let us change it to the wireframe 3D chart:

wireframe contour chart

In the same way, you are able to create a countour map in Excel.