Creating VCARD (VCF) file Using VBA

In this Excel tutorial, I will show you how to create a VCARD (VCF) file using VBA. A VCARD file is a standard format for storing contact information, such as name, phone number, email address, etc. You can use a VCARD file to share your contacts with other applications or devices, such as Outlook, Gmail, or smartphones.

To create a VCARD file using VBA, you need to follow these steps:

Create a new workbook and insert a worksheet with the contact data. You can use any column names and order, but make sure the data is consistent and accurate.

Add a reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library in the VBA editor. This library allows you to work with files and folders in VBA. To do this, go to Tools > References and check the box next to Microsoft Scripting Runtime.

Insert a new module and paste the following code:

Sub CreateVCARD()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim fso As FileSystemObject
Dim vcfFile As TextStream
Dim vcfName As String
Dim vcfPath As String
Dim i As Long
Dim j As Long
Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("MySheet")
Set rng = ws.Range("A1").CurrentRegion
Set fso = New FileSystemObject
For i = 2 To rng.Rows.Count
vcfName = rng.Cells(i, 1).Value & ".vcf"
vcfPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & vcfName
Set vcfFile = fso.CreateTextFile(vcfPath, True)
vcfFile.WriteLine "BEGIN:VCARD"
vcfFile.WriteLine "VERSION:3.0"
For j = 1 To rng.Columns.Count
Select Case rng.Cells(1, j).Value
Case "Name"
vcfFile.WriteLine "N:" & rng.Cells(i, j).Value
Case "Phone"
vcfFile.WriteLine "TEL;TYPE=CELL:" & rng.Cells(i, j).Value
Case "Email"
vcfFile.WriteLine "EMAIL;TYPE=INTERNET:" & rng.Cells(i, j).Value
Case Else
'Do nothing for other columns
End Select
Next j
vcfFile.WriteLine "END:VCARD"
Next i
Set vcfFile = Nothing
Set fso = Nothing
MsgBox "VCARD files created by", vbInformation
End Sub

Run the macro by pressing F5 or clicking the Run button. The macro will create a VCARD file for each row in the worksheet and save it in the same folder as the workbook.

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You can now open the VCARD files with any compatible application or device and import or export your contacts as needed.