How to load deFi cryptocurrencies data?

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to load DeFi cryptocurrencies data into your spreadsheet. Also you will create pie of pie defi market share chart.

Defi in Excel

DeFi cryptocurrencies and decentralized finances become more and more popular. Let's analyze them with Excel then.

To load DeFi cryptocurrencies into your spreadsheet first you need data source. Find data under this link.

Go to ribbon Power Query tab and click From Web button.

defi power query from web

Paste the url and click ok.

deFi cryptocurrencie spaste defi url

Defi spreadsheet

In the Navigator window choose what exactly needs to be loaded into your spreadsheet and click Load.

defi navigator

DeFi data has been pulled into your sheet. You may use it.

defi data spreadsheet

You may need to create a chart. I will prepare pie of pie chart based on loaded defi data. It will be DeFi market share chart.

To create DeFi chart highlight data you need and go to Insert tab and choose chart you like.

insert defi pie of pie chart

Chart needs some formatting which I prepared. 

defi market share chart

Here is how defi market capitalization pie of pie chart looks like. You can download it from here.

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