How To Run Statistical Tests

In this article, you learn to run the Statistical Tests in Excel.

Adding Analysis Toolpak

Let us start adding the add-in Analysis ToolPak to the Excel file.

Click File > Options > Add-Ins.

excel statistical tests add ins

From the inactive add ins select the "Analysis toolpak" and from manage select Excel add in and click ok.

Then check these options.

excel statistical tests Analysis toolpak

Statistical Test

Now in the data > analysis > Data analysis will be visible which will be used for different types of statistical tests.

Let us create some simple data for analysis.

statistical tests sample data

Select the data and start the analysis, correlation first.

excel statistical tests correlation

Results of correlation tests:

excel statistical tests results of correlation

Let us run the Multiple Regression now:

excel statistical tests regression

Results look like this:

excel statistical tests regression statistics

And more statistical tests available in descriptive statistics Excel tool.

excel statistical tests descriptive statistics

Similarly, we can perform all other analysis like: anovahistogram, moving average, Sampling, t-test etc as per the requirements.

excel statistical tests anova summary

Anova statistical tests are ready as well.

To use these functions, you need to enter the data into Excel and then enter the appropriate function into a cell, along with the necessary arguments. The syntax and arguments for each function vary, so it's important to consult the Excel help documentation or a statistical reference guide for detailed instructions on how to use each function.