How to Change Margins in Excel

Here are the steps to adjust the margin in Excel.

Microsoft is a company which knows a lot about utility however specific cases happen. My high school teacher used to force me to adjust documents sent to her. Also my last company was using dedicated layouts. Simply you may not like default settings. In such situations you may want to change margins in your Excel spreadsheet.

Default margins

Predefined normal margins sizes are 0.75'' top and bottom, 0.7'' left and right and 0.3 for a header and a footer.

Wide margins sizes are 1'', 1'' and 0.5'' accordingly.

There are 0.75'', 0.25'' and 0.3'' for Narrow margins.


Adjust Margins

To set your own margins follow below steps.

Click on Page layout tab. Click on "Margin" tab and select the margin you want from the drop down menu.

margins tab

Select the margin you want.

select margin

Note: You can click on the "custom Margins" to further customize the margin.

custom margins

Here's the place when you can change margins and set your custom ones.

page setup margins

After the change you will get page layout customized to your needs.

You are able to choose between horizontal and vertical orientation at this point.

Printing options

Clicking Options will let you define even more things. You will be redirected from Excel application to the printing settings of your printer device.

Printing Settings Options Button

I am using HP printer so I was redirected to HP Smart application.

There are so many possibilities that you will be able fulfill your need. This will happen on your printing device end because Microsoft decided that the printer will allow you to tweak more settings that Excel is able to.