How to change the background color?

In this lesson, you will learn how to change a color of workbook in Excel.

Change the color

Don't you like a white background and want to change it? To change the background color in Microsoft Excel, follow these steps:

First select the whole workbook by clicking as in the picture below.

Excel select workbook

Next, go to Ribbon. In the Home tab, go to the Font Section. Here you can choose the new Fill. Choose the color you want to use as the background color from the palette or by using the RGB or HSL color models.

Red looks nice to me.

Excel workbook fill

Here's how it looks now.

Excel red fill

If you feel a lack of borders, add all borders.

Excel All Borders

And that's how it looks with All Borders.

Excel red workbook all borders

This is how to change the background color in Excel. Do you like the new color?

Note: You can also use conditional formatting to change the background color of cells based on specific criteria. To do this, go to the Home tab of the Excel ribbon and click on "Conditional Formatting." Then select "Color Scales" or "Icon Sets" to apply a color or set of colors to cells based on the values in those cells.