In this Article we will learn about creation of wireframe contour charts.

Let us start by creating the following sample data. Now we will start by creating a surface graph as follows:

3d surface chart

The graph will look like this:

Example wireframe contour chart

3-D Surface chart shows a 3-D view of the data, which can be imagined as a rubber sheet stretched over a 3-D Column chart.

It is typically used to show relationships between large amounts of data that may otherwise be difficult to see.

Color bands in a Surface chart:

  • Do not represent the data series
  • Indicate the difference between the values

A Wireframe 3-D Surface chart is a 3-D Surface chart shown without color on the surface. This chart shows only the lines. A Wireframe 3-D Surface chart is not easy to read, but it can plot large data sets much faster than a 3-D Surface chart.

Now let us change it to the wireframe 3-d chart:

wireframe contour chart