Bridge Chart

To explain how to create a bridge chart we are going to use dummy data. The waterfall chart will show the individual components of the profit and loss. Follow the steps below to create a bridge chart:


Enter dummy data like shown below.

data table

Now you have to create a stack flow chart. To do this click on the "INSERT" tab then click on "Insert column chart" under the Charts group. Select Stack Column.

insert stack column chart

A chart has been created but it doesn’t look like a bridge chart, to change this right click on any one of the blue column (Excel will select all of the blue ones) and select "Format Data Series". A dialog box appears, where select "No fill".

format data series

To look like a waterfall chart on the same dialog box in the "Series Options" tick "Gap Width" 0% ("No Gap").

series options

For even more attractive graph format the column revenue and profits by setting fill in blue.

format data point

That’s it! Your bridge chart is now ready.

bridge chart

Download free Bridge Chart template here.