How to Make a Flow Chart in Excel

A flowchart is something that successfully makes your decision process easy to get the result you like. We are going to create a flowchart using Microsoft Excel.

Decision Process

Before you start creating a flowchart, have a clear understanding of the process you want to visualize. Determine the key decisions, actions, and outcomes involved in your process. Having a well-defined decision process is crucial for an effective flowchart.

Creating a flow chart

In Excel, you’ll find drawing tools that are perfect for creating flowcharts. Click on the “Insert” tab in the Excel ribbon.

Under the “Insert” tab, locate the “Shapes” option (usually found in the “Illustrations” group). Click on it to access various shape options for your flowchart.

insert flow chart

Click on the shape you want to use for the first step of your flowchart. You can choose from standard shapes like rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and more.

click on insert flow graph

Click on the shape you’ve just inserted, and a text box will appear inside it. Type in a brief description of the action or decision this shape represents (e.g., “Click on Insert”).

shape flow plot

To connect this shape to the next step in your process, go back to the “Shapes” menu under the “Insert” tab. Select a line or arrow to connect the shapes. Place it beside the first shape and connect it to the next shape you want to add.

Repeat steps to create additional shapes and lines for each decision, action, or outcome in your process. Excel allows you to adjust the size and position of shapes easily, making it a convenient tool for building complex flowcharts.

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two shapes

Excel provides options to format and customize your flowchart. You can change the color, font, and line styles to make your flowchart visually appealing and easy to follow.

Once you’ve completed your flowchart, review it carefully to ensure that it accurately represents your decision process. Make any necessary adjustments, and then save your Excel file.