TeamFight Tactics Tracker Spreadsheet

TeamFight Tactics (TFT) Tracker Spreadsheet is a tool used to track and analyze data related to TFT games. The spreadsheet can be used to record information such as player performance, item builds, champion compositions, and more. By analyzing this data, players can gain insights into their own playstyle, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions in future TFT games.

League of Legends is my favourite computer game. I’m also an Excel freak. I have already prepared the Lol tracker. This time this is the TeamFight Tactics Tracker Spreadsheet which I handled.

When to track?

I’m tracking every TeamFight Tactics game to see my standings and improve my results.

In the rows below the first row, enter the data for each TFT game that you have played.

What to track?

You can track a variety of information related to your TFT games. Things that I’m tracking:

  • my elo to see how it changes (maybe I will be promoted to challanger one day:))
  • champions I’m playing: both carry and tank
  • items which I put for both of them
  • result of game by the position I ended with
  • the strategy I chose. I’m using my own names like slow roll, hyper roll, fast 8 or fast 6 when I’m pushing to put six yordles as quick as it is possible
  • traits which decided to use
  • strategy for my economy as an Excel lover and as an analyst by profession
  • augments which I picked
  • my comments
  • thing to improve. I’m always trying to improve and put attention on one the most important thing
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These are just examples of what you can track in your TFT Tracker Spreadsheet. The specific data that you track will depend on your goals and the type of analysis that you want to perform.

How to track?

To track information in a TeamFight Tactics (TFT) Tracker Spreadsheet, you will need to create a table or spreadsheet that is organized in a way that makes it easy to enter and analyze data. It is taking only a few moments to fill in the spreadsheet and I’m still having fun. I’m doing it in the meantime between stages and while waiting in the queue before the next game.

TeamFight Tactics Spreadsheet Tracker

There are many more things that can be tracked:

  • links to the game if you are Facebook or Twitch streamer or putting games of YouTube
  • setting up units on the board
  • information whether items have been played, e.g. Zephyr, Shroud of Stillness
  • information about win streaks and loose streaks
  • and much more…

The TeamFight Tactics Tracker spreadsheet uses green and red to differentiate results via conditional formatting, which you can customize or remove. Also it would be a good idea to add data validation rules. For sure adding a drop-down list will speed things up and would be useful for you.

If desired, you can add formulas to the spreadsheet to perform calculations and analyze the data. For example, you could calculate the win rate for each champion composition, or the average placement for each item build.

TeamFight Tactics Spreadsheet Colorful Tracker

You can download this Tft Tracker spreadsheet in here for free. Also, you can drop a comment there or help me improve the spreadsheet.

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Let’s play lol and tft and learn Excel. I hope we will play together. GG

Features that I am going to add:

  • list of chempions with their stats,
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • list of items