Right-click mouse tips

Using the right-click mouse button in Excel can significantly streamline your workflow by providing quick access to various commands and options. In this Excel tutorial, you will learn several right-click mouse tips.

Right-click to show worksheets list

At the bottom left corner of your Excel window, next to the sheet tabs, you will see small arrows (see the picture below).

Right mouse Activate menu

Now, you can simply choose one sheet, click OK and go to it. This tip is useful when you work with the spreadsheet with plenty of sheets included. This way is much faster than scrolling them one-by-one.

Adding to Quick Access Toolbar

Right-click any ribbon’s button to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar or customize it.

Right mouse ribbon options

This way you can also Customize Quick Access ToolbarShow Quick Access Toolbar below the RibbonCustomize the Ribbon and Collapse the Ribbon.

Moving cells

Select any cell. Right-click its border and drag & drop the cell somewhere else. Now secret menu appears. Here you can choose from several options such as Move, Copy, Link or Create Hyperlink.

right-click mouse menu

Filling series

Select any cell. Move cursor to the right-bottom corner. You should see black cross here. Right-click cell and drag it down (or up/right/left). This way you can fill the series of cells in Excel.

Right mouse fill series

There are also other options besides filling. You can Copy Cells, Linear Trend and Growth Trend as well.

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These tips provide quick access to useful commands, simplify navigation, and streamline data manipulation tasks, making your Excel experience smoother and more effective.