How to fix middle mouse button not working issue?

In this article you learn how to fix middle mouse button not working issue in Excel.

Now this is an external issue not related to excel functions and sometimes we feel how can it behave differently when using excel files on different computers.

We have sorted out some of the reasons which could cause this problem and the solutions for the same.

Protected Sheet and Workbook

Sometimes the sheets are protected and we don’t have them working like we generally do with unprotected sheets, Please unprotect the sheet and workbook using the Review>Protect/Unprotect sheet /workbook.

Protect Workbook

Unfreeze Panes

Sometimes the user has created the freeze option not in a proper way and the height of the rows is not adjusted properly and we are unable to scroll properly. We can check the same by unfreezing the panes as follows:

  1. In most cases, users can’t scroll down Excel spreadsheets because there are frozen panes within them. To unfreeze panes in Excel, select the View tab.
  2. Click the Freeze Panes button.
  3. Then select the Unfreeze panes option. Thereafter, try scrolling down the spreadsheet.

Unfreeze Panes

Uncheck the Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse option

Select File>Options>Advanced

You will see Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse option:

Please uncheck this option and save the file and please check the problem must be solved.

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Zoom on Roll On IntelliMouse

Unhide the columns

Such situation happens. It is possible you hidden all columns to the end. Try to unhinde them to get your middle mouse button working back.

Restore horizontal scroll bar

One of the reasons your scroll doesn’t work is that there is no horizontal scroll bar. You may not see it at first glance as it is usually not paid attention to. Scrollbars are enabled by default.

To restore the horizontal scroll bar, select the appropriate option in the Excel menu. Go to the ribbon and click File> Options> Advanced. Select the show horizontall scroll bar option.

Disable the scroll lock

Another possibility that the mouse wheel doesn’t work is scroll lock. You may have forgotten this key on your keyboard. The scroll lock key may prevent the window from scrolling.

Turn off scroll lock on your keyboard. In many keyboard models, the scroll lock is indicated by an additional light. Make sure the scroll lock key is turned off to be able to scroll the worksheet in Excel.

Check for software conflicts

Other software on your computer may be conflicting with Excel. Try temporarily disabling any non-essential software and see if the middle mouse button starts working.

Check Excel settings

Make sure that the middle mouse button is not configured for a different function in Excel. Go to Excel options and look for the “Advanced” section. In there, find the “Editing options” section and make sure that the “Use Autoscroll” option is checked.

Check for Excel updates

Make sure that you have the latest version of Excel installed. An update may resolve the issue.

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Check for Excel compatibility issues

If you are using an older version of Excel on a newer operating system, there may be compatibility issues. Try using the latest version of Excel and see if the middle mouse button starts working.

Disable add-ins

Some Excel add-ins may interfere with the middle mouse button. You can temporarily disable all add-ins and see if that fixes the issue. To do this, click on the File menu, then select Options, then Add-Ins, and then select Excel Add-ins from the Manage dropdown menu. Finally, click Go, and uncheck all the add-ins listed.