How to Insert Header and Footer in Excel

In Microsoft Excel, you can insert headers and footers to add information to the top or bottom of each page in your worksheet. In this lesson you can learn how to insert header and footer to your spreadsheet. You may need it when you are printing spreadsheet.

Inserting Headers and Footers

To insert Header and Footer go to the Ribbon. Select the Insert tab. Go to Text section and click Header & Footer.

Header and Footer Ribbon

After clicking “Design”, a contextual tab appears, providing customization options.

You can choose the content which you will insert to the Header and Footer. You may also notice that the program automatically divides the sheet into the page (looks a bit like a print preview).

Header and Footer Print Preview

The tab is divided into four sections:

Header and Footer Tab

  1. Header and Footer – buttons allow you to insert a ready-made system headers and footers.
  2. Header and Footer Elements – the individual elements that can be inserted anywhere in the header or footer:
    • Page Number – inserts the current page number of the document,
    • Number of Pages – inserts the total number of pages in the sheet,
    • Current Date – inserts the current date (it will change from day to day),
    • Current Time – inserts the current time (also changes),
    • File Path – inserts the file path on the disk,
    • File Name – insert the name of the file that contains the given sheet
    • Sheet Name – insert the name of the current sheet
    • Image – insert any graphics from the disk (eg, logo, symbol, etc.).
  3. Navigation – the ability to quickly move between footer and header on the page.
  4. Options – Additional options:
    • Different First Page – select this option and the items added to the header or footer on the first page will be different from the other pages of the document,
    • Different Odd & Even Pages – headers and footers are divided into two types (for odd and even pages). Changes made on either side will change them in all odd-numbered pages. The same way in the even-numbered pages,
    • Scaling with Document – the option is applicable only for scaling the size of the document to print
    • Align with Page Margins – setting the edge of the header and footer to the left and right margin of the page.
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To return to the previous sheet view on the View tab in the Workbook Views group, click Normal.

Header and Footer Return Normal

These are the basic steps for inserting headers and footers in Excel. By following these steps, you can easily add important information to the top or bottom of each page in your worksheet.