How to Do to the Power of in Excel

In this Excel lesson, you will learn how to use exponents.


Exponent means how many times the number will be multiplied by itself. For example, 103 (10 to the 3rd power) equals 10 * 10 * 10, which is 1,000.

The power of exponent in Excel is a caret symbol (SHIFT + 6 keyboard shortcut), which is ^. So you will write 10 to the 3rd power in Excel by 10^3.


Using Caret

To type exponents in Excel, just use caret.

In the cell, you can just write =10^3.

Exponents.carot the simpliest example

Of course, a cell address, such as =10^A2, is an option.

Exponents carot and cell address

Also, =A1^3 is possible.

Exponents.cell address and carot

And =A1^A2 as well.

Exponents.using cell address

Using POWER function

Excel offers the POWER function for exponent calculations. Write =POWER(10,3) to calculate our example.

Exponents.power function

You can use the caret or POWER function. Choose the one that you prefer. Maths is much easier with Excel. The ^ operator and the POWER function both perform the same calculation, but the POWER function provides more versatility and control over the calculation, as it allows you to enter the arguments directly into the formula, rather than using the ^ operator.

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