How to Do an Exponential Regression in Excel to Predict Future Values

I will show you how to do an exponential regression in Excel. Exponential regression is a useful statistical method to fit an exponential function to a set of data points.

Excel offers two main ways to conduct this analysis:

Using the Analysis ToolPak

  • Access Data Analysis: Click on the Data tab. In the Analysis group, select Data Analysis.
  • Select Exponential Regression: In the Data Analysis dialog box, choose Exponential.
  • Input Data Ranges: In the Exponential Regression dialog box, input the range of your data points in the Y Range box (dependent variable) and the range of the independent variable (x) in the X Range box.
  • Execute Analysis: Click OK to perform the regression.

Using the GROWTH Function

Click on the cell where you wish to display the regression equation.

Enter GROWTH Formula: Type in the formula:

=GROWTH(known_y_values, known_x_values, new_x_values)

Here, known_y_values is the range of the dependent variable (y), known_x_values is the range of the independent variable (x), and new_x_values is the range for which you want to predict y values.

Press Enter, and the equation will be displayed in the cell.

Predicting Future Values

Once you have your regression equation, you can predict future values by substituting new x values into the equation.

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