How to Convert Currency in Excel

If you work with different currencies in Excel, you might want to convert them to a common currency for easier comparison or analysis. In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to convert currency in Excel.

Filling out currency data

To create a currency converter in Excel, you need to have some data like this:

conversion usd

Layout the data you want to convert.

layout data

Mark the data you want to convert, add one empty column, and then press CTRL + T.

add empty column

Inserting currency conversion formula

Click inside the table, and type =(click on the cell with a currency you want to convert)*VLOOKUP([@currencies],$A$2:$B$3,2,False), and press enter.

click inside column

Note: It is crucial that you use the $ sign to lock the cell references (e.g., $A$2:$B$3) in your VLOOKUP formula. This ensures that the cell references do not change when the formula is copied or filled to other cells.

Write Euro between total and 53293.

write euro

Change column2 to Euro.

change column to euro

Choose all the cells in Euro column, right-click on it, and choose Format Cells.

format cells

Choose Currency, choose Euro, and press ok.

currency format cell

Note: Repeat this step on the USD column, but choose the dollar sign this time.

We have created a currency converter that look like this:

currency converter ready

You have successfully created a currency converter in Excel using a simple formula and a table of exchange rates. Here you can download free Currency Converter.

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