How to Sort a PivotTable

In this article you will learn how to sort data in a pivot table. You may need this for better visual eg. top buyers.

Pivot table data preparation

1. Mark the data (1), click insert (2), and then click Pivot Table (3). It will create a pivot table.

pivot table sorting data

2. Check the label (1), then click on it, and drag it to the field of your need in your pivot table(2).

pivot table check label

How to sort pivot table by values?

3. Click the arrow on Row Labels or Column Labels, and then click the sort option you want. To sort data in ascending or descending order, click Sort A to Z or Sort Z to A.

pivot table sort a to z

How to sort pivot table manually?

4. To find additional sorting options, click on more sort options.

pivot table additional sorting options

Note: Manual sort option allows manual sorting through dragging. Items can be rearranged by dragging them (values cannot be dragged)

5. Ascending (A to Z) by and Decending (Z to A) helps you in sorting according to alphabetical order and according to sum of quantity.

pivot table ascending a to z

How to sort pivot table automatically?

6. In more options you can tick sort automatically every time the report is updated. It will automatically sort the data when your pivot table is updated.

pivot table sort automatically

After this step the data in your pivot table will be sorted.

Note: If the pivot table is based on data in an Excel table, you can also sort the underlying data by clicking on the column header and selecting "Sort A to Z" or "Sort Z to A". The pivot table will automatically reflect the change in sorting.