How to calculate mode?

Mode is the most frequently occurring number in a given data set. To calculate the mode in Excel you need to use dedicated Excel function as I am trying to show you below.

To learn how to calculate the mode in Excel, follow the steps below. We are going to use dummy data.

How to find the Mode?

mode data set table

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet. Enter your data.

Mode function

Put the formula =Mode(B2:B13) in the formula bar (fx).

mode formula

Press enter, and that's it.

mode calculated


The mode has now been calculated.

In the newer Excel versions (Excel 2021 and Excel 365), there are two new functions introduced. MODE.SNGL and MODE.MULT have been added. You should use them if you need a single-mode or multiple-mode display.

Things to remember:

The Mode function will let you find a mode.

The mode function only works with numbers. You will not be able to use the mode function to check the most frequently occurring strings.

MODE.SNGL and MODE.MULT can be used to find a single-mode or multiple-mode.