How to Insert Picture in Excel

We are going to insert a picture into a cell in excel, with a step by step instruction.

Inserting pictures

Click on the insert (1) tab, and then choose pictures (2). You can now browse to the picture of your choice. Navigate to the location of the picture you want to insert and select it.

Excel insert pictures ribbon

Formatting pictures

Adjust the cell size to suit the size you would like the picture to have. Both 1 and 2 were stretched.

Excel insert pictures adjust cell

Note: You don't have to stretch the cell size if your picture is small. You can therefore skip this step if you don't need it.

Right click on any part of the picture (1), and choose format picture (2). In the Format Picture dialog box, you can change the picture's size, position, borders, and other attributes.

Excel insert pictures format picture

Click on the square with four different directional arrows (1), click properties (2), and choose move and size with cells (3).

Excel insert pictures properties

Resize the picture by clicking on the edge, and finally move it to the cell, where you want it. To move the picture, click on it to select it and drag it to the desired location.

Reduce the size.

Excel insert pictures reduce size


Excel insert pictures picture inserted

Note that when you insert a picture into Excel, it is linked to the file on your hard drive or network. If the picture file is moved or deleted, the picture in Excel will become a broken link and will not be displayed. You can either re-link the picture to its new location or embed the picture into the Excel file to make it a permanent part of the spreadsheet.