In this lesson you will learn HLOOKUP function.

HLOOKUP works similarly to the VLOOKUP function. HLOOKUP is a lookup and reference function. This function retrieves data from the table horizontally. Most of the tables in Excel, create a vertical, so this feature is rarely used. Despite it, I think it's worth it to know HLOOKUP. HLOOKUP function has the following form:


In simple terms it can be assumed that the individual components of this function:

=VLOOKUP(what,where,in which row,true/false)

The last part of the formula is very important:

  • True is an approximate match;
  • False is the exact value.

I prepared a table of sales.

HLOOKUP example

You'll learn from the above table, as HLOOKUP works.

With the name of the employee when you appear all the data on it that contains the table. At the beginning of the selection of employees could use the drop-down list.

HLOOKUP drop-down list

In the sales, type the formula. It is:


HLOOKUP formula

Drag the formula in the City field. In this way, HLOOKUP searches for data from the table and selecting the employee name appears in the sale and the city. This of course is just a simple example. HLOOKUP is applicable especially in large tables, where the search data is no longer so simple. Examples of such data table to report sales or payroll.