How to Make a Goal Line in Excel Graph

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to insert a chart with your data and the goal line that was expected. This kind of chart is best for sales/production reports or business plans for the company you want to establish.

Preparation of the target table data

Select your data and go to insert > column chart and select clustered column chart. The B column represents the goal line, and the C column represents your data.

ribbon insert column chart

Inserting a sales target chart

Right-click the blue bars, which are expected sales, and select change series data chart type.

change series chart type

A dialog box will appear.

goal line dialog box

Change expected sales to a chart-type line with markers. Now click "OK."

custom combination

The final result will be like this:

chart with goal line

With this capacity chart, you can clearly see if the target has been achieved. For example, a sales target can be represented by using such a sales target chart.